About a guy named after a vegetable

I help businesses connect website and marketing strategy to business objectives.

Are you familiar with the word "tweener"? I was introduced to it when I played basketball, and it's probably the best way to describe my professional life.

A person or thing considered to be between two other recognized categories or types.

When I played competitive basketball, I could play as a shooting guard or small forward. Depending on the situation, I'd be thrown into a role to attack a weakness or mitigate a strength in the opposing team.

My most valuable skill is playing that role in an organization, connecting business objectives to web and marketing strategy. Driving clarity and alignment between these often disconnected pillars.

I am a marketing consultant with over ten years of experience in hands-on creative development and eight years leading high performing cross-functional teams.

My name is Kale Hungerson, and I am an Associate Director currently working with BCG (Boston Consulting Group) as a leader of the marketing practice. Born in Oceanside, California raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

As an Associate Director, I lead teams in:

  • Initiating large/medium scale digital projects (websites, apps, martech, etc.)
  • Increasing revenue through digital mediums
  • Enhancing the customer journey and LTV of customers
  • Translating and improving communication between engineering/technical teams, marketing, sales, and c-suite
  • Managing 3rd party vendor relationships during complex digital projects (technology and agency)
  • Creating multi-channel integrated marketing plans

I am interested in a broad range of topics, but I try and hone into marketing, front-end web development, project management, and most importantly business management with a focus on strategy.

If you enjoy a cold brew coffee or an IPA and want to chat, connect with me.

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I've been involved in a lot of fun projects over my career, helping many of the largest global brands reach their ambitions. I've led massive marketing channel optimizations, helped scale a retail media/advertising business, developed and managed large web systems, created and managed multi-channel marketing campaigns, built a remote department when it wasn't trending, and presented on a multitude of digital topics.


I spent six years at the British Columbia Institue of Technology; 3 of which were night school finishing my Bachelors of Business Administration, the other 3 were focused on a Diploma of Technology in Marketing Management with a focus on Marketing Communications, and a Senior Management Certificate in New Media Design and Web Development.


    • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
    • Certified Agile Practioner (ACP), Project Management Institute

    Technical Skills


    Functional Marketing Skills

    Adobe Creative Suite Analytics & Tag Management (e.g. GA, Adobe) SEO Owned Media (e.g. site through email) Marketing Measurement & Testing Paid Media (e.g. SEM through CTV) Funnel Optimization Personalization Content Strategy Integrated Marketing Plans Landing Page Development